Okay, so what’s the story about? Wishes and dreams. Being careful what you wish for. You may get it. So you want to be a hero? Do you want to pay the price? Are heroes born? Or are heroes made?

The Characters
Elan is a dimension full of wonders and magic, the first of all realms, created after the godly planes. But Elanians forgot Maekir and embraced lesser gods, gods who warred and blamed mortals. By slaying a young wizard’s parents, the gods have unleashed an all-consuming darkness fueled by vengeance–Ruen Searr. With the power of the Crown of Creation, he remade Elan in his image. Through the Bodybanks, he has turned dissenters into the faithful. Now he seeks other realms to conquer. Wyn-Sauern is the last of the dimension dancers-a race that travels from realm to realm using the power of thought and imagination. The Dark Lord seeks to convert other realms, to garner more worshipers to fuel his ascension to godhood. By breeding the dimension dancer, he can create an army of unstoppable cosmic warriors.

A idealistic college student, with a history of heroism and the blood of heroes running through his veins, is handed a special sword and given a special quest: Save the dimension dancer. Save Elan and his adopted world. But can a young man from a magic-less realm fight magic? Is Brin Williams a hero born? Can he defeat demons, dragons and wizards?

A miniature dragon, Durgie the dragonnette, knows about dragons and learns about . . . rock and roll? Shawna is the mistress of the enchanted forest of Zenn-Ra, the last bastion of safety on Elan. Along with a pair of sprites and host of elementals, can the pair restore Brin’s memory and help him escape Elan.

Terrex is a very special sword, a sentient weapon with the power of an artifact and the magic of a wizard. With Brin, it can save the dimension dancer and escape Elan. But is that what the sword really desires?

The Story
The last survivor of a race can dance dimensions, travel from realm to realm without using gates. The Dark Lord wishes to breed or clone her, creating a race of warriors that can dimension dance, which would solve troop movement problems. The Dark Lord’s goal is more than conquest, but to be worshiped and by those who will feed his power and make him a god who could challenge the gods who slew his parents during the Godswar.

Brin Williams is beset by demons, chasing a wizard who gives him a special sword and proclaims him the chosen one–the one hidden on another realm and trained to defeat the Dark Lord. Brin knows nothing of this, especially since his memories are crowded and clouded by the memories and experiences of previous wielders of the Sword of Power, a.k.a the Havoc Blade and Chaosbringer. All he must do is enter the realm of Elan, rescue the dimension dancer, then escape.

Brin, the amusing dragonnette he rescues, the Sword of Power, and even the dimension dancer who wants to die come into conflict over goals. After an encounter with a lovely dryad, Brin’s goals also change, although escaping Elan is important. The group investigates ways to escape and seeks knowledge from various places and oracles on Elan. All the while they are pursued by the Dark Lord’s minions.

At least that’s where the story stands now. It’s a hero’s tale combined with the old adage, be careful what you wish for. I believe many of my stories, or at least some of their aspects, come from this tale. I just hope my fans don’t feel they had wished for something else when “Wizard Sword” becomes available.