A Stranger Returns to Town
Until recently, most of the residents believed Gunstock was a good place to live and raise kids. That was before Marcus Chandler came home. After thirty years of making horror movies in Hollywood, Chandler returned to the small Texas town and the Pickup Ranch, a farm with a metal fence of half-buried trucks. What were they trying to keep out? Or keep in? People claimed Chandler returned a changed man. Everyone admitted that he’d always been strange, but now Chandler was sick with a rare illness that denied him sunlight.

Deaths and Disappearance

Soon after his arrival, Chandler’s parents passed on. Tragic was the word people used. Then children began to disappear. Fear was the watchword. Finally, bodies appeared. Their deaths were hard for everyone to accept, but even harder for anyone to explain. Now some are whispering the word VAMPIRE.

The Vampire Hunters
Scooter Keyshawn is a judge’s son. Kristie Candel is the minister’s daughter. Both are looking for new friends and some excitement. Scooter’s best friend, the sheriff’s son, and his sister are already members of the GRAVEYARD ARMADILLOS run by the principal’s son. To join the coolest gang in Gunstock, Scooter and Kristie are initiated in a special way. They must get proof that Marcus Chandler is a creature of the night and one of the legion of undead — A VAMPIRE!