The Ruins of a Vampire
Lucius Shade, the vampire, is destroyed. In the aftermath, Gunstock remains in mourning and turmoil. The lynch-leading Gunn boys await trial in jail. Garrett Brashear resides in the mental ward, but strange deaths and disappearances still plague the small Texas town. In the island ruins of the vampire’s lair, four teens and an incredible dog discover mysterious horrors—fresh graves, a hideous idol, and the corpse of a murderer. Everyone blames the ex-Hollywood director or vampire cultists, except for the Vampire Hunters.

Reluctant Vampire Hunters

A judge’s creative grandson and his wondrous golden Labrador. A minister’s vocal daughter. A sheriff’s determined son. And a retired director of Hollywood horror films. Having lived through the first conflict with a vampire, Scooter, Flash, Kristie, Russell, and Marcus
Chandler assume they know the truth behind the Curse of Thirteen.
Can they survive another undead encounter?

Lightning Strikes
When lightning strikes, the vampire hunters are transformed. They will need their new perceptions, survival skills, trust, and experience to thwart the darkness and its minions. The vengeful undead care less who they hurt, as long as the Vampire Hunters suffer before they die.
Darkness stalks the Vampire Hunters

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