Review by Deborah Shaw
The US Review of Books

“Imagine an island boarding school, Familiar Academy for Avians where the students (who all fly) learn magic and how to assist wizards.

Imagine a myriad of unusual creatures, many animals, and birds, but also dragons and centaurs with human attributes-fear, courage, jealousy, lust, and loneliness. The story begins with Lance, the clumsy runt dragon, who is writing home to his mom. Two fourteen-year-old twins reign large. Dari, the boy, and Jules, the female, who has lost her ability to create magic and wants not only to restore this knowledge but also to find her disappeared father .. . This novel would most appeal to teenage readers who have supple imaginations and don’t mind turning to lists to help them create a mental picture of the story’s fast-paced twists and turns.”


Review by Douglas R. Cobb


“Impatient Fire is chocked full of adventure and intrigue beyond Jules’s attempts to regain her abilities to channel magic and help, with her brother, to rescue her father. One of her closest avian friends is the drakonette, Lance, who is really the “runt dragon”, of the subtitle. He’s on a secret mission to protect and serve a dragon prince and to be on the look out for spies, and he’s the eighth heir in the royal bloodline, himself. He’s a good friend of Jules, who tries to teach him to use ‘levers’, (magic wands and other items that can be used to channel magic and to get his magic to not be as unpredictable and chaotic in its outcomes. His magic often backfires, or works in bizarre, unforeseen ways, and it’s likely he was responsible for both the Maze not working properly and possibly for Jules’ losing her powers, though both things were not at all what he wanted to happen.


It’s a fantasy novel that will fire the interests of anyone who love books about magic, wizards, dragons, and other mythical creatures. You should add it to your reading lists today!”


Review by Eric Jones


“Needless to say, there’s a lot of world to uncover in “Impatient Fire”

and its well worth it if you are willing to do the work. There is an enormous amount of action sequences featuring a great variety of creatures, and characters, each with their own motivations and back stories. Nobody feels flat. There’s also a good amount of interplay between the “Common” world of humans and the realm of magic, which can be jarring at times but when it clicks makes The Lands Arcane feel close to home.


Young readers will get a kick out of the sheer magnitude of fun highflying adventure that William Hill packs into Jules second adventure through The Lands Arcane, and once familiar with all of its elements they are sure to return for the next great adventure.”


The Midwest Book Review

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief

 The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf


In losing her magic, Jules may lose her mind. “Impatient Fire: Jules and the Runt Dragon” is a fantasy following a young teenage girl Jules, as she faces the madness of her unique world. In search of a way to restore her seventh sense, the sense that allows the people in her world to wield power over the arcane, she has quite the adventure and learns of other ways besides magic to conquer her problems. “Impatient Fire” is an entertaining fantasy that many young readers will relish.