“Jules, a thirteen year old mage, and her twin brother take a test to get into a school for mages. But one of them fails. Lance, who is a runt dragon, failed his dragonhood test and is sent to a school for wizard familiars. While he’s there, he becomes friends with Jules and Darius. Someone is pulling pranks on other students and Jules, Darius and Lance must stop the pranks before they get out of hand.” —Sarah in Pottsboro, Texas .

“William Hill has once again created a brilliant work of art. He has created a magical place where all creatures great and small all learn together to become familiars. After failing her wizard’s test, Jules is forced to go to the academy. Lance, a small runt dragon, has also traveled to the academy after failing his dragonhood test. There they not only find friends, magic, and mystery, but also a future that has been waiting for them . . .if they can survive the encounter.” —Charley in Pottsboro, Texas.

“I really enjoyed the book. I think everyone should read the book Dragon Pawns because it teaches you not to give up but to keep on trying. It should be read by all. It also teaches you that friends are important even when you need help.” —Michelle in Pottsboro, Texas.

“I absolutely loved your book! It was fun to read and kept you guessing. I’m even writing a review of it for a home school newsletter. When I got to the end I didn’t want it to be over, I’m so glad it’s part of a trilogy. I am planning to buy some of your other books because I loved this one so much.” —Amelia in Orange Park, Florida.

“Dragon Pawns is a fun fantasy novel that kept me hooked from the beginning. I am normally not a fan of fantasy, but this book made me believe in make-believe. This is for anyone who wants to believe in the unbelieveable. The talking animals bring you into a world of magic that you only wish could really happen.” Dana, 7th grade teacher.

Julietta Magnus is a young adult with a temper! Plus she’s had a few bad days, well a lot. Her brother got her expelled from Solomus Mage School before she even got enrolled. So now she’s stuck at a baby school for teaching birds and other flying things. That’s not all that’s on her mind, her father has been missing for weeks too! …This book is one of the best fantasy books I’ve ever read, and I have read a lot of them. This book is great for all ages so enjoy!!! – Taylor of Texas