For grades 5-7. “Danny Chase, owner of a bicycle that

makes The Magic School Bus look like a Model T, pursues
bully Spike Blocker through space and time. . . .”

“The bike, given to Danny in the first book by a grateful alien, will go anywhere and become anything he can imagine-so he is understandably dismayed when Spike steals a piece of it, creates a bike of his own, and sets off for the past, intending to amass a collection of significant home-run baseballs that he can auction off for the stake that will allow him to leave his brutally abusive stepfather, Ike.”

“Creating a supporting cast that includes telepathic cats, Men (and a Woman) in black, evil sorceress Morgan Le Fay and several historical figures, Hill sends his teen aged protagonists barreling through past and future. . . .’

“In the end, after heart-to-hearts with Plato, Shakespeare, Joan of Arc and Babe Ruth, plus a violent climax that Danny witnesses and then averts by changing the course of history, Spike and Danny bury the hatchet. Spike and Ike agree to seek counseling. . . .”
— John Peters, New York Public Library.

CHASING TIME is a treat for both children and adults – anyone who enjoys using imagination and loves magic, mystery, aliens, and fantasy. Danny Chase and Murg, the talking cat, return in a new adventure, the sequel to THE MAGIC BICYCLE. Danny and Murg have trouble with Spike, the leader of a gang called the Headbangers, who is a bully and makes life miserable for Danny.

CHASING TIME has a complex vocabulary and forces readers to use their minds to help Danny and Murg solve their problems with Spike.In THE MAGIC BICYCLE Danny was given a wonderful bicycle by a grateful alien. With the help of a vivid imagination, the bicycle will go anywhere and become anything. Spike steals a piece of the magic bicycle and discovers that he can also make a magic bicycle. Danny knows that he must find Spike before he changes time, so he sets off to find him and get the missing piece of his bike back. Spike plans to amass a collection of home run baseballs, so that he can auction them off and escape his abusive father.

Krindee, a Cor-ror-olan, is on a mission to evaluate the people of earth and uses Danny to learn about humans. He wants to know if there are more friendly people like Danny or hostile people like Spike. Is there going to be war or harmony? Are humans born bad or are they a product of their surroundings? Danny and Murg meet with friends from the past to help them answer these puzzling questions including Plato, Joan of Arc, Shakespeare, and Babe Ruth. The evil sorceress Morgan le Fay is trying to steal Danny’s magic bicycle so she can defeat Arthur’s grand wizard Merlin. Back in the present, government agents called Shadow Daggers are trying to find the aliens who are visiting Danny.

CHASING TIME will keep young adults on the edge of their seats. The historic figures give Danny and Murg aid and advice. Joan of Arc provides even more, giving Danny a sword that will either change his destiny or utterly destroy him. Danny must defeat Morgan le Fay, use his imagination to resolve his conflict with Spike without violence, show Krindee that humans can rise above the violent emotions, and elude the Shadow Daggers–a tall order for a fourteen-year-old boy, but somehow, he manages to do it all.
— Brenda Shepard – Winter 2000