Murder, Intrigue and Romance at a Haunted Luxury Resort

“Hill has used his visual imagination and combined a number of elements to create a great suspense novel. The story will make you laugh, cry, cheer, and even shudder as you go California Ghosting.”
California Mercury Register

California Ghosting is the best of all entertainment packages: a haunted luxury hotel. Overlooking the wild Pacific, the resort is staffed with only the best-the living and dead-to cater to every whim of some rather whimsical guests. It’s an almost idyllic spot where live and after live can live in harmony. Almost.”
— Science Fiction Featured Review

Any who anticipates a straightforward ghost story may be disappointed but those seeking more complexity from ghost stories will delight in the added blend of mystery and romance which Hill offers here. A new breed of spirit is haunting the San Francisco Bay Area and it’s up to a beautiful lawyer and an heir to discover the truth behind an unusual haunting. Packed with twists, turns and swift action.”
The Midwest Book Review

Ghosts, are they real? In this story the author tells about a resort, Ghostal Shores, that is famous for its ghosts. Angela Starborne, lawyer, and Blasing Madera come to the resort because Blasing has inherited part ownership due to the murder of his uncle. Through an exciting turn of events, evil ghosts try to take over the resort, causing all kinds of chaos with ghostly trains and stage coaches; eventually murders, fires and many other tragedies occur that finally result in the solving of the murder and the recapture of the resort–good versus evil. Anyone who enjoys ghost stories will enjoy this eerie chaotic story. The main drawback is the length of the book.
Sara Easter – Spring 1999 – TOP OF TEXAS REVIEWS

Talk about a niche! A marketing manager’s dream. Here’s a smashing new resort hotel near the Marin headlands. Two hundred rooms, indoor pool, library, tennis. Minutes from San Francisco. And an instant appeal to two whole new segments of visitors. Ghosts who need some new haunts, and people who go in search of them. Ghosting trips, they were called, and Marin Shores was so successful, they soon called it Ghostal Shores.

Readers get an early introduction to intrigue with the mysterious gunshot murder of the resort’s co-founder, a lady chaser called Mac. His heir, a handsome widower, gets introduced to things on the coast road. Mac’s big city lady lawyer is driving the widower to Ghostal Shores when she slams on the brakes to avoid striking an old man and his mule. Both passed through the hood, then the windshield. The ghostly prospector was obviously angry, the pale beast overloaded with transparent boxes. Ghostly hitchhikers, right? Believe it.

This is 500+ pages of bumbling and conniving, romance, jealousy, enigma, juicy characters (and let’s not forget homicide) that front-loads this book and never lets up. The ghosts are everywhere, along with the usual suspects, and the curiosity runs deep. A great whodunit!
–The Book Reader – 1999