Legendary Monsters Prowl America’s National Parks
What’s wrong with Spirit Bear? Who is slaughtering ravens? Why are stone arches fracturing? And where are strange animals and monsters–ogres, tricksters and thunderbirds–coming from to prowl our National Parks? A gamer skinwwalker of mixed heritage, a National Parks junior ranger, and a Boy Scout extraordinaire must discover the truth and stop an ancient threat before they become Prey of the Spirit Bear.

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Modern man knows there is only one world on planet Earth, that monsters come from symbolic tales, and black magic and traveling portals are fantasy. The White Man believes ravens, coyotes and bears are plain animals. The Hopi believe otherwise. Their history tells them this is Tu’waqachi, the Fourth World Below, the coyote is a troublemaker, and the bear is a healer and the Keeper of Dreams. Skinwalkers live among them. The Navajo believe this is the Fifth World, where coyotes are tricksters, bears host evil spirits, and thunderbirds bring flooding storms. The Old World collides with the New World where stone arches and natural bridges stretch across the air, and monsters roam America’s National Park sites. Colt Swiftfoot is a youth caught between two cultures, the material world of Bahanna, the White Man, and the spiritual and supernatural realm of the Arizona tribe of Hopi. He confronts life and death when he gets ensnared in the Old World plot that transforms his healing totem into a ferocious demonbear that feasts on fear. Colt must navigate the Ways–a shortcut through Below–and survive long enough to rescue Spirit Bear. Will discovering the truth about his history and skinwalkers save Colt? Alexandria Walker is a junior ranger at Arches National Park, Utah, and an aspiring photo journalist in a hurry to be older. A lover of ravens, Alex investigates the large number of dead corvids. One twilight, she witnesses a strange sight that leaves her both cursed and blest. Helping the High Raven changes Alex’s life, sending her flying into a world of Native American legends, monsters and YaYa curses. They are joined by a visiting Boy Scout, Jimmy, on their adventures. With help from the secretive One Tribe, the three youths must elude a murderous trickster, deadly thunderbirds, and frightening haunts, all while gathering worldly reminders to reawaken Spirit Bear and stop an ancient menace intent on revenge and destruction

The spirits reside where we may not fully understand them. “Prey of the Spirit Bear” is a novel from William Hill as he presents a story of nature, as a man of mystic origins, a ranger, and a boy scout seek to answer the questions to the mysteries that are going on around the national parks in the region. Drawing on much mythology and legend, “Prey of the Spirit Bear” presents an insightful and fun read that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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