Jules and the Runt Dragon – Jules has been stuck in the Commons all of her deprived life. Now comes her fourteenth birthday and a chance to test for Solomons University of Wizardry. She can finally quit pretending to have only five senses. Through her seventh, she can channel the Seven Sources and cast magic. She has kept this secret hidden better than her fear of heights or her blistering temper.

The seventh son of a mighty Sylverr dragon, Lancealore was expected to be a powerful windsinger. Instead, at the size of an eagle, Lance is a lazy and accident prone runt. When his magic is discovered to be chaotic magick, he escapes Castle Yonder barely ahead of the royal guard.

The Familiar Academy of Avians – For the past twenty years, the maestros of FAA have instructed the world’s most intelligent avians in how to assist wizards. All kinds of birds, giant dragonflies, flying squirrels, talkative dragonnettes, and even a winged cat attend the academy. Lance hides among the Birds of Disfeather, fearing exposure of his true nature will mean death.

An Angry Time of War and Spies – Exiled to FAA, far away from the dragons war, Jules is frustrated by a stalker and being grounded among soaring birdbrains. Her temper rages even before she encounters ‘bad-luck’ Lance. She fears he is the instigator of the pranks plaguing the students. Before it is too late, she must learn to think more clearly and control her temper to stop the vicious Mad Prankster, prevent a royal kidnapping, and thwart a plot by evil dragons.