In this sequel to The Magic Bicycle, Danny Chase and Murg return, challenged by personal, moral, and cosmic dilemmas across time and space. All has been quiet for a few months, then Spike returns leading a new, nastier gang. Spike and his homelife play an important part in the story, giving Danny a further appreciation for his situation. Kalyde’s older sister from Cor-ror-o’lan comes for a visit on an important mission involving war and peace, and joins the calico and Danny for their adventures. Not far behind her arrival are government agents called Shadow Daggers.

Throw in Merlin’s nemesis, Morgan Le Fay, seeking the time-traveling powers of the bike to defeat Arthur’s grand wizard, and a chase ensues across not only time and space, but ethics, trust, and philosophies of good and evil.

It begins with Danny and his good friend, Jason, talking about Danny being ignored by his dad, who has a new lady friend replacing Danny’s deceased Mom. This discussion is interrupted when Spike’s new gang of heavy metal thrashers appear.

The Headbangers don’t like anyone different, and astride motorbikes, the gang attempts to run down Jason and Danny. Danny could escape, using his imagination-powered bicycle, but to do so would reveal his secret. Once before, he trusted someone with the secret and disaster befell him.
Later, at home, Danny is visited by an alien, the sister of Kalyde, the Cor-ror-o’lan whom Danny befriended in the first tale. Krindee reveals that she is here to observe humans. The Council of Elders want to know if there are more Danny Chases or Spikes populating earth?
Her observations could decide whether the Cor-ror-o’lans approach earthlings, or let them stew in their own hate and violence. Danny fears discovery but is pacified when Krindee shapechanges into a Siamese cat, much to Murg’s chagrin. The calico agrees to mentor her so she will not “blow” her cover or embarrass catkind.

Danny’s fears are quickly realized when government agents, men and women in black, appear to ask him questions. The Shadow Daggers covertly “bug” his bicycle to keep tabs on him, “just in case” he encounters another alien.

Jason shows up, angered that the Headbangers have stolen his bicycle. Danny agrees to go with him to Spike’s house, where they meet Spike’s abusive stepfather, giving further insight into Spike’s personality. (Maybe he wasn’t born bad, but made bad.) Ike Pickett promises to discover the truth.

Abused and bruised, Spike has to save Jason’s bicycle from the Headbangers and embarrass himself in front of the whole gang. This further fuels his hate of Danny, leading to a confrontation. Krindee, as Danny’s relative from France, offers Danny timely assistance, eliciting a promise from Spike to never harm Danny again.

This does not stop the Headbangers from attacking Danny, using guns this time. Despite escaping, Danny has strange feeling of deja vu. When he tells his father the truth, Captain Chase doesn’t believe him, thinking Danny is just trying to gain his attention, pulling it away from Ms. Mayfair.

Trying to lift his spirits, Danny and his friends attempt to get the magic bicycle to fly. After numerous tries, he succeeds and is convinced by his friends that if he can push through the mental block to fly, he can solve the problem of Spike bothering him. Danny agrees to stop running from the problem and try something different.

Krindee and Danny attend Jason’s basketball game. While they watch the game, Spike attempts to destroy Danny’s bicycle. Inside the gym Danny feels every blow. Outside, the bicycle repairs itself. Spike is stunned, then recalls the story he’s stolen from Danny called The Alien Bicycle. (It’s a supposedly fictional story about his adventures from the first book.) At first, Spike disbelieves, but he steals the seats. On his way home, thinking about returning the beatings his stepfather has given him, Spike transforms the seats into a vague semblance of a baseball bat. As he continues to experiment, he learns more about the bicycle. Eventually he decides to create a monster bike and time travel back to Babe Ruth’s era, where he’ll catch homers and have them signed. He plans to return to the present and sell them, growing rich enough to escape home.

Danny makes several attempts to regain the bicycle before Spike disappears into the past. As Danny grows angrier, he contemplates violence but doesn’t want to disappoint Krindee. Murg claims violence begets violence and urges him to seek another avenue. During all this, Danny is busy and secretive, upsetting his friend Jason. Christina, Danny’s girl, believes Danny doesn’t trust her and that he’s dating Krindee. Danny is torn over whether to tell them the truth.

Danny, Murg, and Krindee follow Spike through time, only to discover that Morgan Le Fay covets the magic bicycle. While Spike catches Babe Ruth’s big flies, Danny tries to elude the sorceress by sneaking through time. They encounter Aristotle and Plato in Ancient Greece, Shakespeare in Renaissance London and even Joan of Arc during a war in France. All the historic figures give Danny and Murg aid and advice. Joan of Arc provides more than words of wisdom, giving Danny a sword that will either change his destiny or utterly destroy him.
Throughout the rest of the book, Danny must defeat Morgan Le Fay, use his imagination to resolve his conflict with Spike without violence; get back the magic bicycle’ show Krindee humans can rise above their violent emotions; regain his friends’ trust; and save them from the Headbangers, all while eluding the Shadow Daggers.