Murder, Intrigue and Romance at a Haunted Luxury Resort

GHOSTAL SHORES is a very special coastal resort north of the San Francisco Bay. A luxury vacation spot where spirits of the Old West–ghosts of bartenders, waiters, bellmen, maids and hookers — cater to wealthy men, beautiful women and eccentric psychics from all over the world.

Everything is fine at the resort until the co-founder, Peter MacGuire, is brutally murdered. Crippling accidents began to occur, and the construction of the new wing slows to a crawl.

Angela Starborne is a lovely young woman of two worlds, half-Paiute and half-Oregonian. As the legal representative of Ghostal Shores, it is her job to bring MacGuire’s reluctant heir to the haunted resort.

Blasing Madera is a former thrill-seeker, now security consultant and handsome widower with two children. The discovery of ghosts at the resort and the arrival of an ethereal stagecoach shakes his beliefs to the core. Then a dark ghostly stranger begins to stalk him. Even though Blasing is attracted to Angela, he simply wants to sell and leave, until she convinces him they must investigate his uncle’s murder.

Who murdered Peter MacGuire. His partner, a greedy and overbearing Irishman? The cold-hearted, profit-minded accountant? Mac’s illegitimate daughter? The power hungry security chief? The new house doctor with secrets? The sexy marketing manager who sells with her body? The hypnotic-eyed psychic who wants Mac’s prestigious job as liaison to the ghosts? Or did one of the spirits murder MacGuire?

Strange ghosts appear to haunt the resort. Menacing spirits. Thieving rogues, vicious outlaws and ruthless gunslingers. Soon, one by one, the resident spirits disappear.

Why have the residents disappeared? Why are these ghostly strangers attracted to the resort and what do the ruthless transients want from the guests? What is the secret of GHOSTAL SHORES and the past that haunts them all? Angela and Blasing must discover the answers before it’s too late.