William Hill, is available for booksigning, read alouds, career days, and writing clinics.

Bookmarks and poster are provided and books are available for purchase

William Hill Author Visit: A Discussion on Writing is in a PDF format for you to download and review. It will give you an idea of the typical presentation.

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A school visit reveiw:

I highly recommend a visit from Mr. William Hill. Author of “The Magic
Bicycle”, “Chasing Time”, “California Ghosting”, newly published, “Dragon Pawns”, “Vampire Hunter” and many more. Our teachers were very impressed with his natural rapport with the students and his knowledge of writing. He talked with the students on a personal level and explained in detail the process of writing and getting a book published. He reinforced the skills that the reading teachers have been teaching throughout the year. I met Mr. Hill several years ago at TLA and was impressed enough to buy his books. Middle school had not had visits from authors, but felt it was time they did, so I instigated a campaign to try to get him to come for a visit. Through our conversation I learned he had family in Texas so that just sweetened the campaign. We kept in contact and finally in 2002 he came for a visit. From that visit came an opportunity for the students that they will never forget. He talked of a book he was working on and had several students so excited that they wanted to be part of the process of getting his book published by reading his manuscript. Make a long story short here…he did get their help. Students read his manuscrupt, gave suggestions, found writing and spelling errors, helping him to better clarify his ideas etc. The story didn’t stop there but continued on to his “Galley”. Students reread the “Galley”,a paperback print form of the book for reviews. Otter Creek Press had accepted his novel for publication. This proved to be a perfect writing assignment for the students. Not only did they asborb this knowledge, but are now listed on the acknowledgement page of his new book “Dragon Pawns”. They will never look at writing the same way. Some are in contact with him by way of email about their writings. He is now working on a seguel to “Vampire Hunters” and I have students lined up to get on the process for that book….me as well. My favorite is “The Magic Bicycle”. This is a great book for 4th and 5th graders, but our middle schoolers love it. I put in our budget last year $300 for an author’s visit. He didn’t charge me for the first visit nor this one, but I wanted to give him something for all he’s done for our students. I hope to make it more for next year…he’s worth it. As you can see, so much has evolved from his visits. His email is whill73528@aol.com He is looking for more schools to visit.

— Pat Mace, librarian Pottsboro Middle School, Pottsboro, Texas.

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