Escape into the wondrous worlds of writer William “Bill” Hill, author of fantasy and horror novels filled with magic, mysticism, and murder. Published by Otter Creek Press, which is dedicated to publishing fine imaginative fiction, Bill Hill’s tales run the gamut, from fanciful to frightening.

Bill’s books are on the accelerated reading list used in many schools as extracurricular reading for points. The points and reading levels are beneath each book heading. Please check with your school to see if the accelerated reading list is available for your child’s pleasure reading.

The Magic Bicycle – 4.4 reading level 11 points.
Chasing Time – 4.2 reading level – 12 points
The Vampire Hunters – 4.5 reading level – 10 points
California Ghosting – 4.7 reading level – 23 points.

The Magic Bicycle
A book for the young and the young-at-heart. When a troubled boy, along with his cat, helps an alien escape the government, he is rewarded with a magic bicycle that lets him travel through time.

California Ghosting

This supernatural thriller is packed with mystery, intrigue and romance. A handsome young man must solve the mystery surrounding his uncle’s death. Was his murderer a living, breathing person, or . . . something quite different?

The Vampire Hunters 

A group of teenagers caught in a deadly mystery swirling around a local man who recently returned home after 30 years as a Hollywood horror movie producer.

Wizard Sword 
..The land of Elan falls under the tyranny of Searr, who alchemically restructures all dissidents into followers of his master plan, and he begins his war on the dragons and faeries. Brin Williams, the unwitting Chosen One, is whisked from Earth to Elan, and with the help of a dragon, a dryad, an Elfanian and countless other creatures, he fights to save his homeland in Wizard Sword.

Vegas Vampires
The undead casino manager is hindered by a powerful 150-year-old Native American curse to his card karma. He has lost all hope until he encounters Lady Luck incarnate.

Chasing Time, The Magic Bicycle 2

Danny, Spike, the Shadow Daggers, aliens and a host of historical figures return in this new exciting adventure across time.

The Vampire Hunters Stalked
In this sequel to The Vampire Hunters, Mr. Shade, the vampire is truly dead. Gunstock still mourns, and Scooter, Flash, Kristie, and Russell attempt to return to their normal lives, until vampires intrude to investigate the undead’s disappearance. They care less who suffers, as long as the hunters die.

 Dragon Pawns
Looking for a fantasy tale filled with magic,  ogres, dragons, centaurs, and more? This book is about a spunky dragon working hard to become a familiar, but things don’t turn out the way she’d planned.There is a lot to love in this delightful story created with young people in mind. Readers will delight in knowing young people’s suggestions helped in the making of ‘Dragon Pawns.

Impatient Fire is a humorous, fast-paced adventure and mystery for magic and animal lovers. Or anyone rich in distemper and impatience!

In a place beyond our Common Lands, the Arcane live in a magical realm of legendary creatures. All are enriched by the Seven Sources, and the wizards who dwell there channel Fyren, Aire, Rok, the Green, Watar, Etherwhere and Illumos through their seventh sense. Some of the wizards use levers—wands and such channeling devices—while others partner with animals.